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If a pinch of catnip sends Fluffy into a state of bliss, you might wonder if your innocent osrs gold furball is getting high. The answer is yes. Chemicals in catnip produce a response similar to intoxication. Because there's a genetic basis for it, some cats show an extreme attraction. Others show no reaction at all. In some cats, this naughty herb may even cause hallucinations. Catnip is not toxic to cats. However, eating large amounts can lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Catnip shouldn't be given to pregnant cats.


4 points submitted 1 month agoI know what the key issue was/is. However T1 comp will be so much easier to get after the rework I think. so why not keep T1 comp a BIS? and all T2/T3 are cosmetic upgrades?me it only seems that the bosser/pvm community is making an issue about the fact that a best is slot is locked behind loads of content.

3 points submitted 1 day agoMy biggest complaint with Steam is that the Achievement system is a joke. Anyone can use programs like SAM to manually unlock any and all achievements instantly. (and Valve actually allows this, they said in the past that they have no way to stop it since its client side not server based achievements)Achievements on Steam are also not very "social".

Thus, one user gets a video taken down and another one gets away with the exact same stuff.Generally spoken, Youtube won have a big channel being taken down because of a report or two. They are too valuable. However, this goes more for channels with 1,000,000+ subscribers. I haven seen channels with 250,000 or so subscribers being favoured.

And that really is what I want to talk about, briefly: people like me who are being abused are not going to click on a video that is explicitly about abuse. I knew that I was in a bad place, but there were quite a few rationalizations I made about why I shouldn leave that place, and I not going to click on a video that might tell me why those rationalizations are wrong.

Turning to the Dark Side: Kylo is the fastest growing baby name in the US in honor of the latest Star Wars villainThe name, inspired by Star Wars' Kylo Ren, has jumped a massive 1,467 spacesPopular culture also inspired parents to name their girls after popstar KehlaniThe most popular boys' name is still Noah and it's Emma for girls once againDespite being in news every day, Donald and Hillary proved unpopular namesBy Gareth Davies For Mailonline

When it comes to ADS speeds, we are talking differences of hundredths of a second on most guns and that just not that big of a deal. The reload speed is the fastest though of 1.2 seconds which is .7 seconds faster than it closest competitor: the RE 45. Does that make up for all the other reasons why the gun is bad though? Ehhhh.

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