The Complete Course To Learn Artificial Intelligence From Scratch

The complete course to learn Artificial intelligence from scratch

The complete course to learn Artificial intelligence from scratch

There is a lot of buzz for Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and related domains. One who is not familiar with all these terms despite all of the roar in the IT domain.  According to a study, more than 2 million jobs are going to erupt by 2020 .candidates wit Ai skills are going to be in great demand in the forthcoming future. To build career in this trending domain one needs to learn Artificial Intelligence to get detailed knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is also sometimes called machine intelligence. It is intellect illustrated by machines. AI-powered machines imitate human functions that are associated with the human mind. It involves building computer systems to enable functions that require human intellect such as decision making, speech recognition, etc. that are Some of the examples of AI are smart personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, automated online customer support responders, spam filters, sales forecasting, self-driving cars, chatbots,  and many others.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Narrow AI: It is also called weak Artificial Intelligence, in this phenomenon, all the information and functions are needed to be fed into the machine beforehand. Every scenario that can happen is entered into machines It is the most common kind of AI and most widely available. The systems are trained for certain specific tasks. 

Strong AI: In this type of AI machines are enabled to perform the task on its own. With cognitive properties, the machines with Strong AI can perform functions better than humans. The machines are capable of some advanced properties such as reasoning, problem-solving, making judgments and many more.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

With the development of AI, it has a very wide implication across varied industries

  • Healthcare sector 
  • Automobile industry 
  • Finance and Economics 
  • Government uses 
  • Video games 
  • Military 
  • Audit 
  • Advertising 
  • Arts 

Job prospects in the artificial intelligence domain 

Mentioned below are some job profiles that hire candidates with AI skills 

  • Data scientist 
  • Artificial intelligence engineer 
  • Business intelligence developer 
  • Research Scientist 

KVCH is an eminent training provider that imparts Artificial Intelligence training in Noida. The training company has dexterous mentors with many years of experience in the relevant domains. Our training programs are based on real-time projects and render authentic industry exposure to students. In this Artificial intelligence, training candidates get to learn AI from the very basic. It includes learning of working of neural networks, classification of datasets at high accuracy and in-depth concepts. It is the perfect course for starting a career in AI.  The Artificial Intelligence course at KVCH is perfect to master the skills and concepts of AI. We aim to provide skilled professionals to the industry rendering an ideal learning environment and, stressing on the overall development of our candidates.


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