Secrets No One Told You That Help You Win A Proposal


Secrets No One Told You That Help You Win A Proposal

After reading many books on how to write a winning proposal, I thought I could write one with my eyes closed. However, I realized I couldn't when I was asked to write my first one. It was at that point that I realized that more is involved in writing a proposal than having the right format. By using our Research Proposal writing help, students easily get the entire information with quality and grab the best marks.

Tips that will also help you win a proposal that no one ever bothered to tell you:

- Adhere to the guidelines – The most important piece of advice that anyone can tell you is to ALWAYS follow the guidelines a government agency or company publish on how to write a proposal. I once wrote a proposal where 35% of the evaluation would be based on past performance review. In the Statement of Work, they kept referring on how important past experience was. Therefore, I decided to place it after the Executive Summary. A good way to ensure that you have covered all the information requested by the entity you are trying to receive a piece of work or funding from is to create a Requirements Matrix- A lot of proposals I have seen do not use this great tool.

- Avoid the “ME” factor: The worst mistake a lot of people make in writing proposals is making it very focused on the company, instead of the client needs and wants. I once read a proposal from a major IT consulting company that read as though it were a business profile. It was 25 pages of raving on their great accomplishments, and it was only five pages on their solution and management approach. One way to avoid this is by counting how many times you mention your company’s name, and how many times you mention the client. If it outnumbers the client, then some editing and rewriting needs to occur ASAP. You can praise your company and its efforts all you want in the past performance section.

Instead, they decide to use the client’s name all over the proposal making it feel cold and awkward. Write a proposal like you would write a friend, and the personalization will be something that even the client will be able to tell.

- Research is vital: proposal is 70% research, and 30% writing. Before writing a proposal, you should thoroughly read the guidelines, write down the questions you still have, and then research the following:

1. The questions you had.

2. Background on the client

3. Anything emphasized in the guidelines

4. Any negative publicity concerning the client.

5. If there is an incumbent, anything about how their work is being perceived.

- Give Additional information with quality: In each proposal recommendation I have ever read, I always recite something to the range of “any additional answer/info you might have...” But then I read the suggestion and there is not ever any additional morsel that will entice a client to learn more. I’ll ask the team what can they offer this client that no one else can, and then I will hear ten responses to my question. My reply is always to add one or two of those ten things that will let the client know you are more than able to handle the job. You can easily complete the entire writing task by using our best and affordable Proposal writing service directly from our website at lowest cost.


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