How Horse Racing Can Help You Make Money


How Horse Racing Can Help You Make Money

So now that you have your Formula Bets staking plan organised and you are recording every single bet that you place. What else can you now do in order to optimise results? There really are two golden things that you can now consider to take your betting to the next level, whether for horse racing tomorrow or next week and they are:

Learn, and keep learning to bet without emotion. This one sounds straight forward, but remaining completely unattached when putting your money where your mouth is can be a very hard thing to do. Just remember, every single bet is unique within your portfolio of investments. So do not chase losses because your emotions tell you to. Do not pick a horse because you are fond of it as it won you money last year. Treating every single race with an unbiased and cold clean professional manner will serve you well. This may even help you to learn not to follow the crowd and to stick with your own selections at bigger prices. Remember ninety seven or so percent are wrong most of the time!


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