Cox Plate Betting - Straight From The Horse's Mouth


Cox Plate Betting - Straight From The Horse's Mouth

A Plan for Food (box lunches, eating from vendors at the tracks, packing snacks) - There is plenty 10x Method  of food at Churchill Downs for those who don't want to plan ahead and bring food to the Kentucky Derby. You can also opt to bring your own food and many of the local restaurants in Louisville feature special Kentucky Derby box lunches that highlight local fare. For example, Louisville's own Cheddar Box cafe features a Derby Week Box Lunch menu complete with beef tenderloin and Henry Bain sauce, Turkey with Chutney Mayonnaise and Country Ham.

A Change of Shoes - One thing about the Derby is that it really is a full day event and unlike other events where you might plan on sitting for most of the day, the Derby provides you with plenty of opportunities to get up and walk around, whether walking to and from your parking place, placing your bets, checking out the horses in the paddock, searching for some of the famous faces attending the Derby, or connecting with friends. If you are wearing the perfect shoes that match your outfit but offer little in the way of comfort, consider bringing an extra pair of flip flops or slip on shoes in case you find yourself needing a more comfortable option when you are walking around.



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