A Tribute To Barbaro


A Tribute to Barbaro

If you have followed horses in the past, you would have noticed Precision Bets that every so often you get a far superior horse ending up lining against a relatively weak team of horses. These strong horses that are outstanding compared to the rest of the field are called 'Hot Favorites' or 'Super Hot Favorites'. Although they are such, they don't always win. There are several other factors that affect how well they will perform regardless of how superior they look when compared to the rest of the field.

We want to identify these horses and then apply a set of rules to eliminate any 'Risk Factors' they may carry. Generally hot and super hot favorites don't pay high dividends. However these small payouts accumulate very quickly when used with a staking plan and develops into an excellent investment program with a very high strike rate. You do not need to settle for low dividends even if you use the tote. You can look for value and bet only if the qualifying horse is paying $1.40 - $1.60 for a place, but of course, this will mean less bets placed because you are being more choosy.





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