Betting Second And Third Choices In Horse Races With False Favorites


Betting Second and Third Choices in Horse Races With False Favorites

If you're looking for a quick way to pick winners at the horse track and want to make money at it, then you'll Jockey Jewels  need a way to evaluate each runner and to compare them to each other. While there are ways to make quick comparisons and there are simple methods to decide which horse has the best chance to win, it is difficult and risky to try to pick winners in horse races.

While you may not want to use a complicated handicapping system, they really do offer the best long range chances for a profit. However, as mentioned before, there are easy ways to evaluate the runners and to make some decisions regarding their chance or probability of winning. The odds and probability are how you make a profit.

For instance, the horse with the highest total may not have run for six months. What do you do in that situation? If you've got records of how often the top horse wins after a layoff, then you can accurately make that decision, but that means a more complicated system and more record keeping. It becomes a trade off between quick and easy versus accurate and profitable.
How you make those decisions and compromises is a personal choice based on your desire to win and the amount of time you actually have to invest in horse racing.



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