Horse Racing Systems Over The Years


Horse Racing Systems Over The Years

Another advantage is watching the Slow Horse Luke horses in the walking ring, seeing the jockeys and trainers up close (watch facial expression and body language, after all those jockeys are athletes in a tough sport and some may be sore, sick, or in some way under the weather). So if you have access to all that information, you have a big advantage over other handicappers who aren't there. If you follow just one or two tracks it is also easier to learn about jockeys and trainers and even owners. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and focusing on a few tracks or one circuit is a good way to become an expert. One of the biggest problems handicappers face is the temptation to spread ourselves too thin with all the tracks that are available through simulcasting.

There are many horse racing betting guides out there that will teach you how to bet on the races and make a profit from it. I know from experience that 95% of these guides do not work. These guides will cost you money, so how do you know if you are getting the best guide for your money?You need to know for sure that profits can be made with the guide. One way to do this is by checking to see if there is a guarantee attached to the guide. A money back guarantee will insure against risking your hard-earned money on a bad guide. Do not purchase a guide without this guarantee.


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