Mature Glasses Can Ensure More Elegance


Mature Glasses Can Ensure More Elegance

Trying to commit all this new information to memory is Divine Vision 12 the main cause of eye strain in children who are encouraged to absorb this information every day, whether they find it interesting or not. At no time are the children given enough breaks to allow the eyes to relax and ease the strain. This is where the Bates Method comes into play.

The Bates Method is actually straightforward and simple to put into practice. He created a large chart of shapes and letters which was placed on the classroom wall, and the schoolchildren encouraged to look at this chart whenever they felt overwhelmed with the endless information intake. Even looking at the chart for just three minutes per day improved the effects of eye strain.

When the Bates Method was introduced into a few schools, teachers quickly noticed a great improvement in concentration and progress, with the eyes being able to relax and therefore removing eyestrain. Unfortunately, the school board of the time felt the method was too distracting and stopped the practice. China, in fact, is the only country that teaches students vision training.


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