Best And Worst Times To Buy A New Car

Best and Worst Times to Buy a New Car

Best and Worst Times to Buy a New Car

This means that there Vin Check Pro Review is no direct route to a solution resulting in more and more deaths. Right now, the only thing proven to work is to spread awareness about distracted driving.

Another thing that experts are deciding to try is how to make smartphone connectivity to cars to take less attention. Almost every new car on the market makes it easy to connect your phone to your car.You are able to stream music, map directions, and in some cases even order food, coffee, etc. This is taking many drivers' attention away from the road, in drivers aged 17 to 22 spend at least 12% of their time behind the wheel messing with their smart phones. Any percentage of time on your phone behind the wheel is too much time directed away from the road.Both Apple and Android have their own extensions for cars. At one point Apple demanded more of customers' attention than the Android version when entering directions and getting from one place to another. But, when it came to texting Android was by far more of a distraction. However, both must make a change to reduce the threat of distracted driving.






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