The Energy Efficiency Tips For Home Owners


The Energy Efficiency Tips For Home Owners

Energy efficiency ratings are most often associated with electrical appliances such as fridges. Nano Towels boilers and washing machines. They are a rating of A-E which indicates how energy efficient an appliance is and is an indication of how environmentally friendly and cost effective it is. These ratings are not isolated to household electrical items and can be used for other aspects of the home. When renting there is often an energy rating applied to the whole property which takes into account any alterations that have been such as loft insulation and double glazing.

Having a home double glazed is not a one size fits all ticket to energy efficiency. It is not widely known that windows have their own energy efficiency rating, and that double glazing can have a rating of anywhere between A and E with only A to C being considered good practice by the Energy Saving Trust. Therefore, as with electrical appliances, when shopping for double glazing it is important to find out what the energy efficiency rating is, and using this as a key consideration when purchasing.


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