What Really Attracts Guys! Here Is What You Absolutely Need To Know If You Ever Want To Attract Guys


What Really Attracts Guys! Here is What You Absolutely Need to Know If You Ever Want to Attract Guys

Again, it's not the legs. It's those little toes. It's not the arms, it's your smooth underarm and how you stay away from him when you're all sweaty. Some guys gush about how their girlfriends still smell like peaches after a long jog. You don't have to be Tyra or Beyonce to attract a guy. You just need to keep your hygiene in check. Seriously.If you are obsessed about your little nose and think it makes you look ugly, someone out there is obsessing about how cute your face with it. The thing you have to know about guys is that they may do a double take on a hottie, but will always scrutinize pieces and come to appreciate particulars about you which you never liked. Several guys have boosted their girl's self-esteem this way.Speaking of self-esteem, guys are immensely taken by girls who have that "I love life" attitude. There's a reason guys don't go to romantic movies - they hate the drama. They are built to be practical, and to take life as it happens. A confident girl is well-liked because she carries her emotions maturely, and spreads all that positivity anywhere she goes. Most of all, it tells a guy she is happy, and won't depend on him to make life worth living. Guys hate that kind of pressure.



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