Mesmerizing Things To Do In Switzerland

Mesmerizing things to do in Switzerland

Mesmerizing things to do in Switzerland

If you are looking for Switzerland private tours, then you should know a

Switzerland is considered a heaven on earth and a great romantic destination. For a lifetime experience, some of the places are must visit in the country. To have a thrilling experience in watersports, come to Lake Geneva.  Here you will get to stand on a long surfboard and push it using a paddle across the water. There are many other water sports, such as windsurfing and wake boarding on the lake. Openings hours for Paddle boarding are from May to September and it range from 1400 to 4500 INR.

On the banks of Lake Geneva, there is a most popular and mostly visited historic building, Chillon Castle. Whether you are with friends or family or on a romantic trip, Chillon Castle is a place not to be forgotten on any trip to Switzerland. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year to explore the castle houses 25 buildings with 3 courtyards surrounded by two circular walls. The place is open entire year except for the Christmas and New Year’s and the entry ticket to this beautiful castle is just INR 750 per person.

To experience the beautiful weather of Switzerland, you have the finest rooftop restaurants in Zurich with a beautiful ambience, delicious  food and drinks surrounded by  the lake view. For wine lovers, you can explore the Chateau de Mont in Vaud or the Swiss Alps to get a taste of the finest local wines in the City. So make sure you get experience of lifetime in the beautiful country Switzerland.

You can book Switzerland Private Van Tours or Switzerland Car Tours to enjoy the real beauty of the place. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.


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