Fortnite Free Battle Pass

Fortnite Free Battle Pass

Fortnite Free Battle Pass

Online games are very popular and people play it for the sake of entertainment and money. Some online games provide you so many rewards.  Battle Pass, a game used to gain access to exclusive challenges and in game rewards. In this you play and complete the challenges, rank up at a higher level and earn more rewards. With the new season, there is a new Battle Pass. As you play the game, your profile is rank up at higher level, by which you will unlock a variety of rewards.

There are two tiers in which these battle passes divide, one is in small number which is obtained by all the players and the other one is that is reserved for Battle Pass owners. This battle passes gives you access to all the challenges in the entire season which is an easy way to earn the Battle Stars and rank at upper level.

There are no starter challenges this season, instead of it there are weekly challenges which are divided into free and premium sections. For battle pass owners there is 5k XP bonus available every week, to unlock this, you have to complete the four challenges in given 7 days.

In the Premium section of Battle pass owners rewards, there are free fortnite VbucksYou can earn 100 free V-Bucks every six to ten tiers. Then you can have two 100 V Bucks at the ranks of 18 and 34. After reaching the rank 58, you can earn 1000 V bucks, which is more than the what you have spend on Battle Pass i.e 950 v bucks. You can have the free fortnite battle pass this way.

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