World Of Warcraft Classic "Strongest" Berserker Description


World of Warcraft Classic "Strongest" Berserker Description

This week is World of Warcraft Classic's strongest buff week, which also led to a lot of new World of Warcraft Classic data records this week, in addition to BWL's fastest record into 15 minutes, the Black Dragon into 2 minutes, today the Red Dragon's highest DPS record has also been broken again.

Today, a player named "Amazing" in World of Warcraft Classic Europe has set a new record for the highest DPS of a small red dragon with 3822 points of damage.

What does 3822 points of second injury mean? Currently the classic normal wild group in the small red dragon's second injury is generally about 1000-1500 points, the weaker group second injury only A little over 1000, and 3822 points of second damage means one character hit three to four character outputs. Also in Warcraft World 3.4, the highest damage that Rage War did in terms of the Sunwell boss Brutalus was only 2700 points. While World of Warcraft's classic little red dragon's infinite rage mechanic can increase damage significantly, it hits at level 60 more than the end of level 70 And 1000 points higher DPS, I have to say that today's players really know how to play.

So how does 3822 points of second damage play out? As you can see from the damage composition of the alliance's fighter players, the spike in damage from a single decapitation is 1,600 points, and a single decapitation The peak damage of the skill even reached 6300 points, even the parry second damage reached 910 points, it can be seen that the berserker war in the red dragon kind of What an inherent advantage the mechanism had over the boss.

Of course, the berserker was able to deal such a high amount of damage due to two of the most important factors other than his own strength being placed there. One is the ability to tank, the other is buffs, and needless to say buffs, this week would have been classic open since" Most Buff Week". As you can see from the WCL hate list, the berserker battle had no OTT's from the start to the final boss fight. This shows how good the team's tanks are at generating hate, and it took a number of factors to add up to a 3822 point second rampage I believe that with the player's damage getting higher and higher, it's only a matter of time before the little red dragon's second damage breaks through 4,000 points, even in World of Warcraft. The end of the classic game can exceed the DPS levels of the Millennium TBC.

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