Velofel More than 3,000 adults aged sixteen and over had been questioned on their values and morals when it comes to troubles like the environment, tolerance and immigration. The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships Show all 10 The outcomes confirmed a divide among attitudes held by using older and younger generations on political topics together with migration and climate change. Those over fifty five years vintage had been overwhelmingly in favour of limits on migration to the United Kingdom, with 72 in keeping with cent backing the idea, no matter a recent Foreign Affairs Committee file advising the authorities that strict border controls pressure prone migrants into the arms of smugglers. Read more Men much more likely than women to divorce for infidelity, research claims In contrast, fifty six in keeping with cent of sixteen to 34 year olds believed the UK has a responsibility to welcome those from much less fortunate instances into the country, with a further 53 in keeping with cent also adding that migrants need to have get admission to to the NHS.




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