Shipping From Vietnam To The USA


Shipping From Vietnam To The USA

Shipping from Vietnam to the USA is our expertise , so you get the best routes and the safest delivery whether by sea freight or air freight."

If you are planning to ship goods from Vietnam to the U.S.A for the first time, or you already have shipping experience, good or bad, we come to you with solutions for shipping from Vietnam to the U.S.A that will make you understand better this complex process. To make it easier for the reader, we divided this must-read guide into 3 parts:

How to find a reliable freight forwarder?

Why do you need a freight forwarder, and what can they do for you?

A freight forwarder, forwarding agent, or cargo agent is an experienced person (or company) from the international trade and transport community that coordinates and ship goods from one place to another by air, sea, rail and/or highway. He is the best option because he will help you find solutions for shipping from Vietnam to the U.S.A. when you want to ship by yourself or you have a hard time finding a reliable business partner. Also, we also recommend you to find a cargo agent who will be able to help you in this complex process if you are an occasional carrier who knows little about international transport.

Should I choose a freight forwarder from Vietnam or U.S.A?

Regardless of the mode of transportation, shipping goods was always a complex process. When you ship goods from Vietnam, you will need a warehouse for storage and preparation, and choosing a Vietnamese freight forwarder is the best option because he also has the advantages of language and geography.

An experienced Vietnamese freight forwarder will have these abilities: he will be fluent in Vietnamese, it will have a thorough knowledge of the Vietnamese business culture, experience in managing Vietnamese suppliers, category and sourcing process experience, quality control experience, audit experience, and logistics experience.

How reliable is a freight forwarder?

Time, money, and the success of your shipment from Vietnam to the U.S.A is what matters. A freight forwarder is a reliable and experienced agent who will help you find solutions for shipping from Vietnam to the U.S.A.

1) Does the freight forwarder have a business license from the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport? – Having a business license makes everything legal and transparent for you.

2) Does the company have a good insurance plan? – Having a good insurance plan is very important because it will compensate for your merchandise if any damage occurs in shipment or warehousing.

3) Do they have a complete cargo tracking system to update your cargo progress in real-time? - Finding a cargo shipping partner that offers cargo tracking is crucial because you can see in real-time where your shipping is and how much it takes to arrive at the final destination.

4) You can also ask them to provide the most recent shipment record or bill of lading - A bill of lading contains all relevant details about the type, amount, condition, and destination of the goods.

Shipping From Vietnam To The USA

Freight Forwarders from Vietnam To The USA

sea shipping from Vietnam To The USA

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