Major Obstacles To Face While Applying For Australian Student Visa


Major Obstacles to Face While Applying for Australian Student Visa

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Australian is one of the most powerful nations in the world, both economically and educationally. It has developed into a major educational hub for higher studies. More than 10 universities of the country have been listed in the top universities of the world. Australia attract students from many parts of Asia, especially India. The Australian government is strict about its visa policy. It gives opportunity to those students who can perform well academically.

Various Types of Student Visa Plans


Australia offers more than one variety of student visas. They are divided into subclasses. At present, it offers eight subclasses and deciding the best one among them is difficult. In this condition, getting help from a reputed visa agency that deals in Australian visas will give you benefits. One of the most famous visa plans is student visa 500. It allows you to stay in the country for 5 years to complete the full-time course at an educational institute.

Getting the Best IELTS Score

If you are from a non-English speaking country like India, you will have to qualify IELTS with a satisfactory band score. However, getting a minimum test score of 5.5 can process your immigration process. Your higher test score will make you eligible for applying to the best universities of Australia. The best score is 8 or above.

Requirement of the OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover

The OSHC is responsible for providing medical support to international students in Australia. It gives medical expenses-related services to them during their study period. Under the health coverage, students get the expenditures of commonly prescribed medicines. It is necessary to maintain the health coverage until the study is going on.

Financial Support

It is one of the biggest obstacles that foreign students face in Australia. The family of the student has to show enough wealth capacity so that study can finish without facing any financial issue. Often, students fly to Australia on education loans. According to the course fee and accommodation in Australia, students apply for a loan. The process is time consuming. Australian universities give permission to work part-time so that students can earn some pocket-money.

Collecting All Documents to Apply

Your student visa may get rejection if you have not submitted the form along with the required documents. It is always good to collect all essential documents before applying the visa application. Some common documents to submit are confirmation of enrolment, valid passport, IELTS score, proof of funds, health insurance, penal clearance, photos, and academic documents.


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