Body To Body Massage In South Delhi By Female To Male


Body to Body Massage in South Delhi by Female to Male

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The most popular massage techniques at B2B Spa. Here may be a quick guide to the foremost popular sorts of massages which will assist you find which one is best for you.


Swedish massage

The original name for this massage therapy is Swedish massage , but actually it's the foremost common full or partial (in certain parts of the body) massage.

In it, the massage therapist uses light, gentle strokes, rubbing and circular motions on the surface layers of the musculature, using massage oil or lotion.

Swedish massage therapy are often very gentle and relaxing. If you've never had a massage, this is often the simplest style to urge started.



Lately, aromatherapy has not only entered, but literally appropriated beauty salons. One or more essential oils are utilized in the massage with scents, which influence the precise needs and complaints of the client.

The massage therapist can choose oils that have a soothing , energizing effect, reduce stress, contribute to overall balance, and so on. one among the foremost used essential oils in aromatherapy is lavender.

The aromatherapy massage is best fitted to soothing stress and emotional discomfort.


Hot stone massage

In this sort of massage, warmed smooth stones are placed in certain places of the body to warm and thus relax the tense muscles and balance the energy centers within the body.

The massage therapist also can hold the stones and exert a small pressure on them. Heat always features a calming effect. Hot stone massage is suitable for people that complain of muscle tension and like lighter procedures.


Deep tissue massage

The deep massage is aimed toward the deeper tissue structures of the muscles. In it, the massage therapist uses slower strokes or friction round the muscle nodes.

Deep massage is employed for chronic muscle tension, constant stretching, posture problems and recovery from injuries. Often people feel slightly grasped two to 3 days after the procedure, which then passes.


Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu may be a Japanese massage technique that has existed for over 2000 years and may be a derivative of acupuncture. Its name literally means "finger pressure", and it uses exactly this method with successive rhythmic pressures of the so-called. acupuncture meridians, each like a selected organ of the physical body . Each point is pressed for two to eight seconds to enhance energy flow and help the body regain its natural balance.

People are usually pleasantly surprised once they try Shiatsu for the primary time. The massage is relaxing, but the pressure remains intense and there's usually no feeling of grasping afterwards.


Thai massage

Like Shiatsu, Thai massage directs energy flows into the body through gentle pressure on certain points. It also includes compressions and stretches.Thai massage differs from other styles therein the client doesn't lie still - your massage therapist moves and stretches during a series of various poses. Feeling like yoga, but doing nothing.This technique is fresher than the others, also reducing stress and improving the pliability and freedom of movement.


Massage for pregnant women

Pregnancy massage is gaining popularity among expectant mothers. Specialists who are skilled during this style know the proper thanks to position and support the feminine body during a massage. They even have the required knowledge that permits them to vary techniques consistent with the precise needs of the client.

Pregnancy massage is employed to scale back stress and swelling, soothe pain, and reduce anxiety and depression. It takes under consideration the individual condition of every woman.


Foot massage

Although foot massage is usually underrated, it's not so basic. When done properly, it involves exerting pressure on certain points of the foot that correspond to and affect various organs and systems of the body.

This technique is extremely relaxing, especially for people that spend most of their time on their feet or simply suffer from pain and fatigue within the soles of their feet.


Sports massage

Sports massage is specifically targeted at people that are physically active. you are doing not need to be a professional athlete to urge exposed thereto - it's also fashionable people that are active and exercise often. the main target of this massage isn't on relaxation, but on the prevention and treatment of injuries, also because the achievement of higher sports results.

It uses a mixture of various techniques. The strokes are more intense than the classic Swedish massage . Stretching is one among the most techniques that helps to relax muscles and increase flexibility.


Back massage

In today's lifestyle, most folks spend most of our time sitting at the pc - whether at the office or reception . This makes back massage one among the foremost preferred treatments.

Most salons and clinics offer a 30-minute localized massage for this a part of the body, but if the service you visit isn't available, you'll book a 30- or 40-minute classic massage and ask your therapist to specialise in your back.


These are the ten commonest benefits reported from massage therapy:

Reduce Stress
Improve Circulation
Reduce Pain
Eliminate Toxins
Improve Flexibility
Improve Sleep
Enhance Immunity
Reduce Fatigue
Alleviate Depression and Anxiety
Reduce post-surgery and post-injury swelling

The massage therapist might diffuse an important oil within the room during your session or they could add a couple of drops of oil to massage lotion and apply it on to your skin.


The power of essential oils

The massages at Apurelle are always supported by the utilization of pure essential oils, which have a strong effect on body and mind. (Also read the article "aromatherapy"). Every massage oil is formed on site and made to live , in order that each treatment is exclusive and meets the needs or needs that are most vital to you at that moment. The oil consists of 100% organic ingredients.

While I put the oil together for you, you'll take a seat on the massage table. Most massages are done on your naked body (underwear is retained). That way, the healing oil also can effectively penetrate your body, and you'll fully experience the positive effect of the massage. Everything is completed during a safe and respectful environment.

Every person, and thus every massage, is unique. you'll prefer to start with the rear or with the front of the body. Similarly, we will prefer to work from the feet to the top , or the other way around .

Whatever order is chosen; know this is often your moment. Your slowdown. Your relaxation. Your gift for yourself.


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